compliments are good

  • If we were marooned on an island, I'd be very sad when I had to eat you.

  • You're better than the first three Star Wars films.

  • Your eyes are so shiny magpies try to steal them.

  • Everyone thinks you're Scarlett Johansson's better looking sister.

  • Without you, Earth would be a dark and lonely place.

  • Even the bald patches in your beard look manly.

  • If we're both single at 40, I think we should get married. Maybe 80 actually. Just in case.

  • If there was an air freshener that smelled like you, I'd buy it.

  • You're attractive, even when you're ill.

  • You're successful. You're dependable. And yet you still owe me a tenner.

  • You've really nailed being a human. Good job.

  • If I was a zombie, and hungry, I still wouldn't bite you.

  • You're faithful, loyal and compassionate.
    Like a Labrador.
    With slightly less hair.

  • Retro style and ironic old clothes are very in right now. Your wardrobe is probably worth millions.

  • You were a geek before it was cool. And you'll still be one when it isn't.

  • You are single handedly making male pattern baldness cool

  • In a fight, you could beat two sharks, a bear and five ducks.

  • I think about
    you when
    I'm in the bath.

  • You've got class.
    Like pink cava.
    Or monogrammed slippers.

  • I keep a picture of you in my wallet. And my sock. And on the ceiling
    above my bed.

  • Your biceps are bigger than Chris Hoy's thighs.

  • At the hairdresser's, people just point at you and say 'like that'.

  • When you move house, they'll put up a blue plaque.

  • And the award for daintiest feet goes to...
    You, and your
    exquisite feet.

  • If you went into bat for England tomorrow, you'd bag 70 runs. Easy.

  • If I ever get a tattoo, it'll be a picture of you doing a thumbs up.

  • You are more adorable than a baby panda riding a sneezing piglet.

  • Every time you smile, a kitten is born.

  • Everything you do should be on TV.

  • You are the visible personification of absolute perfection.

  • You make incredible sandwiches.

  • Your pupils dilate in relation to the light in the room. In a sexy way.

  • When you sing, great crowds amass in the streets.

  • I'm going to name all my children after you, regardless of gender.

  • You are small and I like it.

  • When the sun
    comes up, it's
    mainly to see you.

  • Your family crest should just be a big thumbs up and the word YES.

  • You make me feel sick. In a good way.

  • One day, operas will be written about your cheekbones.

  • I want to be like you when I grow up.

  • You're wise and all knowing, like a mighty owl. Yet somehow, you're still always late.

  • Your nose is beautiful. And there is so much of it to admire.

  • You smell nicer than a Sunday roast.

  • I would follow you into battle, in a kilt, in the rain.

  • Your hair is like a waterfall of honey from a really good dream.

  • I'd help you move heavy stuff any time you asked. Even if it's not your stuff.

  • You're cooler
    than the other
    side of the pillow.

  • Your eyes are like miniature galaxies.

  • If you got splashed by a puddle, I'd give you my trousers.

  • Your mum says you're caring, kind, thoughtful and sweet. But she does still prefer me.

  • You inspire me to write poetry.
    Yes, you doetry.

  • You have the best dance moves. They're both great.

  • Your teeth are so clean I feel dirty just looking at them.

  • I wish you were
    my Mum.

  • Everyone thinks you're Ryan Gosling's
    handsome brother.

  • You are my most loyal and trusted advisor.

  • You're the best company in the world. Once you get to know you.

  • Your cheeks are so rosy, you make roses jealous.

  • You're the most courageous person I've ever met. All your trousers are incredibly brave.

  • Even the ladders in your tights look hot.

  • You're my kind
    of weird.

  • When I first met you, I thought you were attractive and intelligent.
    You still look great.

  • You are kind of heart, generous of spirit and very good at bowling.

  • Your skin is peachy, your lips are like cherries and you have a lovely pear.

  • You are the Universe's finest achievement.

  • The only person I've ever fancied more than you is Jet from Gladiators.

  • When you go on holiday, everyone really misses you.

  • You're cooler than
    The Fonz playing a guitar solo in the fridge.

  • You're bacon. You're Cantona. You're the greatest, never change.

  • Your teeth are like peppermint scented diamonds.

  • You're the best looking one out of all of our friends.

  • David Beckham wishes he was as popular as you.

  • I'd vote for you as All High Emperor
    of Earth.

  • I once looked at your bum. I regret nothing.

  • Everything you touch should be put in a special museum.

  • Your skin is smoother
    than an otter
    covered in butter.

  • You're the bee's knees, the cat's pyjamas, the pheasant's bowtie.

  • You taught Ray Mears how to survive in the woods.

  • You're champagne. You're Beyonce. You're the greatest, never change.

  • If you were a dinosaur you'd be a Legendasaurus Rex.

  • When you make tea, it's like a holy elixir. With biscuits.

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's you, you
    massive legend.

  • You are tall.
    I like it.

  • If everyone carried a photo of you, there would be no more sadness.

  • You have the body
    of Adonis and the
    mind of Paxman.

  • I wish you were
    my Dad.

  • You are the best man
    at every wedding
    you attend.

  • The only person I've ever fancied more than you is Phillip Schofield.

  • If everyone listened to you, we'd have world peace by lunchtime.

  • You're tougher than a granite carving of Phil Mitchell.

  • I'd rob a bank for you. Seriously, I've thought about it a lot.

  • Your handwriting is an art form. They should teach it in schools.

  • Your skin is softer than a lamb covered in
    fromage frais.

  • If I was you, I'd marry myself and start a new life with myself in Tuscany.

  • When I'm in need, I call you. And not only because you have a car.

  • Wiser than ten Yodas you are.

  • Your birthday should be a national holiday.
    With fireworks.

  • If we had kids, they'd probably have super powers.

  • You alone were created on the 8th day (it took ages to get your hair just right).

  • All future wigs should be modelled on your hair.

  • You are a walking high-five.

  • You're more lovable than a baby hippo in a onesie.

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